Hong Kong’s Instafamous Hotel

Twenty One Whitfield

In it’s short life span, Hong Kong’s Twenty One Whitfield Hotel has been no stranger to scandal, with a number of incidents gaining the attention of the local media.

The luxury Tin Hau hotel first hit the headlines when a couple were filmed having sex from an adjacent window. The couple were roundly criticised online, although much of the blame was attributed to the person that filmed them.


Last month the hotel hit the headlines again when a young woman in swimwear was briefly filmed perched upon the rooftop ledge, dangling her legs in full view of those 33 floors below.

As usual there was a barrage of coverage in the HK & Mainland press, with the identity of the young woman debated endlessly. One of the news channels reported that the hotel were unavailable for comment.

That’s not surprising.

Ever since it’s opening, 21 Whitfield has been happy to highlight the opportunities for keen Instagrammers to rent rooms and snap away to their heart’s content. And why would’t they? The floor to ceiling windows with harbour view (on an unpolluted day) provide an excellent backdrop and the hotel are selling rooms like hotcakes. A brief perusal of Instagram shows an array of scantily clad young woman only to happy to be photographed with the impressive backdrop behind them. It seems that the hotel is selling rooms to women who only want to go there for the photo opportunity. The Hotel does nothing to dissuade this, even featuring photos similar to the Instagram ones on their official PR materials.

In the vicinity of the building the other week, there were a fair few young Chinese women wrestling their large suitcases in and out of the front doors. So, if you’re looking for a place to stay in town, the Twenty One Whitfield Hotel is certainly worth considering.

featured IG image: https://www.instagram.com/bellythebear/


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