Bar Tales: Sex on the Beach

Whilst wandering through the Bangla Road Walking Street Bars on Phuket the other night I met a most attractive young lady!

After engaging in some polite conversation for a while over a lady drink or two, the aforementioned young lady proudly informed me that I could have full use of her ample facilities for a couple of hours for the princely sum of TB2000.FullSizeRender 4

That seemed quite a bargain. Alas, I was not really on the lookout for action, just an evening drinking silly cocktails and watching the girls dance.

I politely informed her that my hotel was quite a long way on the island and that it would not be practical to bar-fine her to travel such a distance.

Unperturbed by my answer she told me that was not a problem and that I could take her down to the beach and fuck her. Whist the idea might have been tempting, I could not help but picture myself being paraded online by the Thai police looking shamefaced as they stood around pointing at me for gross indecency in a public place. And don’t even start on where the sand might end up.

Time for another bar…

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