Orchard Tower – Four Floors Bar Review

Situated right inside the first floor of Orchard Tower, Bali Ba offers a respite from having to run the gauntlet of massage girls, bar touts and shady looking guys peddling who-knows-what as you make your way up the escalators into the bowels of the Tower, or as it is most affectionately known…. The Four Floors of Whores.

Easy to find, it’s the first bar in the building, the Bar has a wooden surround to give it the feel of an extended beach hut. The drinks menu is standard fare and offers of Crazy and happy Hours do little to comfort the later evening drinker. Still, who comes to Singapore for cheap booze anyway?

On the evening of our most recent visit, the bar was populated with a few East-Asians, some Aussies and a few Brits, as well as an extremely inebriated Russian.

The main attraction of the bar are the floor girls, usually around 8-10 of them. Unlike some of the bars further up the Four Floors, Bali Ba keeps most of it’s girls inside the premises rather than touting in the building. There’s usually one of the fairer looking ones on the door with the bouncer, but the rest stay inside.

Whenever a new customer enters, the nearest free girl will go and say hi and hang around in the hope of being bought an expensive Lady Drink. Despite being turned down, the night we were there, the girls remained friendly and smiley, even with the non-buyers.

The girls range in appearance, from standard bar fare to around 3 or 4 really very striking girls, the highlight of which is undoubtedly a young lady called Shy (pictured). The bar does not describe the girls as Floor Girls, but Dancers, as every hour or so they take to the stage to perform a fairly impressively choreographed dance routine. The dance group, known as Body Shot, are one of the main selling points of the bar and their routines are always well received by the punters.

The house band are standard Filipino fare, no more than averagely good. They would certainly struggle to get a gig in some of the better Hong Kong establishments.

On the night we were there, UK Premier League football was on the main screen, although this isn’t a sports bar so there was certainly no commentary.

The Dancers are certainly one of the main attractions of this venue and they help to set it apart from some of the other Four Floors bars such as the Crazy Horse bar on the top floor. A look through some images online show that there seems to be quite a fast turnover of girls, possibly because of low commission rates. So if you see one you like, then you’d better get to know her quickly.

On the whole, Bali Bar certainly met with our approval. It’s street ahead of some of the other bars in the Four Floors of Whores and will be our watering hole of choice the next time we visit.

Check out our Youtube video compilation.


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