Would you like to be our featured Instagrammer?

Do you have an Instagram account? Would you like us to feature you to help you gain more followers, tell your story to a wider audience, or support your brand, or simply to interact with more people via social media?

As a relatively new web presence, we are looking for new ways to increase our content. Our new initiative involves featuring an up and coming IGer on a regular basis. Our Instagram feature will take a close look at your channel and will contain a Q&A section about you, who you are and what your IG experience has been so far and what hopes you have for your channel in the future.

Whilst a text article is fine, where possible we will be looking to add video and audio to your images to tell your story in an interesting way.

Why work with Nights In Asia?

We are expanding our web presence and have increased our exposure across our social media channels every month since we began publishing. We expect to receive around 70,000 views in March 2017. Whilst we cannot promise to add 10,000 followers to your account overnight, we will create a referral presence for you that will endure and remain.


You have an open Instagram account with less than 10,000 followers

You are female and over 18 years of age

You are Asian, of Asian origin or descent, or resident in Asia

Your channel documents your life, rather than just shopping!

You speak/read enough English to be able to answer questions about yourself

You are able to provide us with some audio or preferably video footage to make your content more interesting – we may be able to help you with this, depending on your location


We will create an article and related content to feature your channel, including links to increase your followers

If possible, we will arrange for other media to be added to the article

Our expanding range of social media channels will be used to promote your IG presence


This offer is completely free of charge. Both parties will benefit. We will gain more content for our web presence and you will receive greater exposure and followers for your account.

If you are interested in working with us or would like to find out more, please email us at nightsinasia@gmail.com, stating your IG user name.

Thanks for reading.

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