The Hottest Celebrities in Hong Kong

Wherever you go in the SAR, there’s always plenty of eye candy to keep you entertained. It stands to reason then that celebrity circles in HK contain plenty of great looking women. We cast our well trained eye over ten of the most popular. Here are our well-reasoned thoughts.

Mia Kang

Oh my. Ex-Island School student Mia has been setting the modelling world alight, winning Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Model Search. The extra exposure she is getting is helping her to improve her popularity in her adopted city, as is her love of Thai boxing. Her images and video from the gym are proving a big hit on her Instagram page.

Jinny Ng

Poor Jinny is having to put a brave face on things at the moment. After announcing to the media that her relationship with Macau boyfriend Alex Ho was over, the Cantopop actress hastily backtracked after she found she was pregnant. Oops. It will be interesting to see if the cutesy warbler can re-establish her career alongside the challenge of motherhood.


Yes, it’s a dumb name and if you want to find out why she has it then Google it yourself as we can’t be bothered to repeat it here. Suffice to say that Angela is now one of China’s biggest stars, despite concerns about her acting skills, and her appearance in Independence Day: Resurgence heralds an important step to becoming a go-to gal for Hollywood studios looking to break into the Chinese market by adding a popular Asian actor/actress into their mainstream movies.

Gillian Chung

Oh dear. Gillian Chung, one half of famous Canto-pop duet Twins had the world at her feet until ex-fwb Edison Chen took his computer in for repair. The rest is history, as photos of Chen and Chung in the sack, as well as a surprising number of other hot female HK celebs, hit the web. The abiding memory of Chung for most will not be her taut body, or sexy cum-face, but her appallingly unkempt pubic hair. Get it sorted, dear.

Whilst Chung has recovered somewhat, helped by her frank discussion of her ordeal, her career may have been irreparaibly damaged.

 Grace Chan

Despite spending much of her life in Canada, Chan was originally born in the city and returned here after university to pursue her modelling career. Much touted as a prospective Miss Hong Kong, Chan was installed as favourite for the 2013 pageant and duly romped home. Public interest around the model and aspiring actress focusses on her relationship with TVB actor Kevin Cheng, who is 22 years her senior. On the negative side, many say that Chan has become something of a princess since she began dating the older man. Downgrading her from a Queen to a Princess?

Shiga Lin

Sometimes this job is great; looking at hot, scantily clad Asian women. Shiga Lin fits that bill perfectly. But then comes the hard part and in respect of Lin it is having to listen to her angst-ridden, pouty Canto-pop drivel. Music but not as we know it.

Lin can hopefully rise above the mediocrity of her music and her early forays into acting show considerable promise, with her role in the HK staple Lan Kwai Fong drawing top reviews.

It’s also fair to say that her appearance marks her out as a rung above others of the cute HK stable of celebs such as GEM and Jinny Ng. And she does look hot in the bath…


If you thought Angelababy was a stupid name… Here’s GEM, which apparently stands for Get Everybody Moving. Of course it does. Gloria Tang isn’t quite as catchy, although as it’s a proper name it would probably have more creditability.

G.E.M made a name for herself on a Chinese talent/reality tv series and launched a career making vapid pop music whilst not being backward in voicing her Christian views in her audience; “My greatest hope is for my boyfriend to be a Christian” she once said. Snigger…

Anyway, G.E.M looks likely to descend further down the Google search algorithm after the Spice Girls recently announced they were reforming, under the catch title GEM. At least there’s a sensible reason why they would be called that.

Kathy Chow

Before Mia Kang and Angelababy there was Kathy Chow. Chow paved the way for the celebrity super-models in HK, reputably being the best paid of all of the girls. Now taking more of a back seat after childbirth and marriage to her annoyingly rich and handsome French(!)  boyfriend.

Despite all this a quick peek at Chow’s instagram feed shows that she can still show the younger girls a thing or two. She’s been looking stunning for over two decades and still sets the standard for all who follow.

Gaile Lok

Due to her mixed Vietnam/Macau parentage, Gaile Lok, sometimes known as Gaile Lai, doesn’t look like your average HK model. On close inspection (and we’ve spent a long time looking very carefully), she is a real knockout. Her full lips are certainly tantalising and she has been the subject of acres of celeb mag gossip after her failed marriage to fellow celeb Leon Lai. When not playing basketball, Lok enjoys cooking and has managed to find the time to find another young beau to keep her company.

Jennifer Tse

Saving the best til last? Very possibly. HK born actress Tse managed to avoid becoming collateral damage from the Edison Chen photo scandal, which took down the marriage of her brother Nicholas, and has forged herself a promising acting career.

Whilst cute girls like Shiga Lin and ginny Ng like to play at being sexy, Tse is the real deal and smoulders from head to toe. Enjoy….

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