Getting Political With Yau Wai-Ching 游蕙禎

Youngspiration’s firebrand Yau Wai-Ching continues to whip up a storm in the troubled SAR of Hong Kong, causing a big enough stink to force the hand of the overlords in Beijing, who recently ruled that Yau and fellow Hong Kong Independence advocates could not take their place in the Legislative Council after they purposely spoilt their own oath-taking ceremony. This despite the fact that the youngsters had secured enough votes in the recent local elections.

Various demos have ensued with Yau’s supporters taking  to the streets to show their annoyance, which have been promptly met by police weilding riot shields and dispersing pepper spray.

Meanwhile, hordes of mainland Chinese flock across the border to show their displeasure in their own demonstrations (and also to collect their free dim sum and HK$100 bills). The HK police seem to be far more welcoming to these visitors, allowing them to congregate in MTR stations and block public spaces.

Anyway, enough politics. Truth be told, we think Ms Yau is really rather attractive. In fact, as the battle goes on she seems to become even more alluring.

Diminutive amongst the riot shields she may be, but her plain speaking has struck a chord amongst the youth of HK, even going so far as to say that young people in the city had nowhere to shag.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of this determined young politician as Hong Kong continues to wrestle with its identity.

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