The Top 16 Profiles on Thai Friendly

Thai Friendly is one of the two most popular dating sites in Thailand. Whilst not as slick as it’s big money rival, Thai Cupid, it certainly has a large group of women looking for a range of partners: from life-time commitments, to chat friends, to short-term tourist visitors and sponsors.

If you are intending to visit Thailand and are interested in arranging to meet some girls before you arrive, then Thai Friendly is your best bet. You can sign up to the site by clicking the banner below.


Purely for research purposes, we have been studiously examining the profiles on the site and proudly present our top 16. Why 16 you ask? Well, we couldn’t be bothered to find 4 more to round it out to 20. Not to say we won’t do so in the future.

So, in no particular order…..

Userid: Zapanyarisa

24 year old Za lives in Chonburi and admits on her profile to having had a little augmentation on her breasts and nose. She says that this proves her honesty. It looks a good investment. She regularly checks her profile for messages and is looking for a “Man”!

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet Zapanyarisa

Userid: Taksina

Bangkok girl Taskina is 25 years old and has a liking for Korean boy bands. However, her chiselled features allow us to forgive that vice and look for the potential she has, namely  a beautiful face and an awesome 49kg body. What’s not to like!?

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet Taskina

Userid: PP1612

23 year old Wannisa is from Bangkok and SHE IS A NURSE! She wears a uniform. She makes the list. End of discussion. And just look at the way she turns out in the last photo.

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet PP1612 (Wannisa)

Userid: WendyMinion

Petitie Bangkok native Wendy is 29 years old and has her own business. She’s not your typical Thai girl, but there is something captivating about her. She’s different to the norm and completely irresistible. Her range of images tick all the boxes – she can ride 😉 and she wear glasses! Any questions about her body are allayed by a couple of stunning bikini shots. Also, she doesn’t speak much English. Perfect!

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet WendyMinion

Userid: jujup

Tall for a Thai girl at 170 cm ( more chance of her having filled out the form incorrectly than being a ladyboy), Jujup is a 29 year old from Bangok, and let’s face it, she is fit as they come. Dating this girl would be amazing!

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet jujup

Userid: Arisakan

This budding Vanessa Mae from Bangkok is another with anon-traditional profile that caught the eye. A real stunner in an understated way, she has a great look and an awesome figure.

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet Arisakan

Userid: Pimasi

One of the prerequisites for making this list was a number of photos being available in the profile. Pimasi, however, gets a pass courtesy of her 2 pics. Short hair on Asian girls is a big personal weakness!

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet Pimasi

Userid: nan2999

What is it about Thai girls named Nan? They always seem to steal your heart. This girl looks a true heartbreaker too. 25 years old and living in Pattaya, she’s a must try for the next time you’re visiting Sin City.

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet nan2999

Userid: 08592501077777

You know when a girl uses part of her phone number as her profile userid that she means business. Beautiful 20 year old Amii lives in the north-east of Thailand. She’s certainly worth going the extra distance for. What a hottie!

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet 08592501077777 (Amli)

Userid: Farom

21 year old Farom is another who lives a way out of Bangkok. She certainly gives us a reason to travel further afield though, with her stunning good looks.

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet Farom

Userid: Darda23

Whenever I look at his 33 year old pocket rocket a couple of things always distract me. A feisty little so and so, you just know she is going to be a huge amount of fun.

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet Darda23

Userid: Panaddaanut

This 21 year old hottie from Bangkok has been on Thai Friendly for 6 months yet has inexplicably been unable to find her true love. Let’s not let her down.

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet Panaddaanut

Userid: Marissa20

This 20 year old from Chonburi is a recent joiner to Thai Friendly and she is another who proves the point that short hair on Asian women is vastly under-rated – who wouldn’t love to meet up with this pixie haired beauty?

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet Marissa20

Userid: bow2513

29 year old Bangkok native Bow is certainly a top attraction in the capital city. A sophisticated woman about town, her alluring looks have surely broken a few hearts. Get in line!

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet bow2513

Userid: Kwan41

Nobody’s fool Kwan is the oldest to make our list, but she is not short of brains, having recently gained a Masters degree. Rest assured, the next time I’m in Bangkok I will be looking to meet up with this beauty.

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet Kwan41

Userid: Noogift1147

Last but certainly not least is 27 year old Bangkok native Gift, who would surely make a great present for anybody. The thought of unwrapping this beauty is enough to drive one to distraction.

click here to visit Thai Friendly and meet Noogift1147


So there you have it. 16 beauties well worth a visit. If you find any which you think will help round our list out to 20 then please drop us a mail and let us know.



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