Miss Hong Kong Crystal Fung in Hot Water

Recently crowned Miss Hong Kong, Crystal Fung has come under fire for some posts she made on social media prior to her inauguration in the inexplicably popular contest in the SAR.

Miss Fung, a former student from the University of Hong Kong, posted critical comments about HK Chief Executive (Beijing Puppet) CY Leung, as well as other prominent HK politicians, including the prize fuckwit Regina Ip.

Having to now be a good deal more careful with her words, the delightful Miss Fung has backtracked somewhat, apologising for her comments and blaming the youthful exuberance of student political life for her offensive remarks.

Nobody believes her, of course, but that should hardly matter.

Interestingly, it’s clear to see that Miss Fung has been grooming herself for the limelight for some time. Her history of Instagram posts show a movement from posting foodies, photographs of alcohol consumption, and lamenting on her life:

“Life is too short to even care at all. You ain’t doing shit to me. Please go fk yourself.”

“my oh so fucked up life Can it get any shitier(sic)?”

To a more groomed persona, with her eyes on the big prize.

Well done to her, she’s an absolute babe, stunning in every way and let’s hope the weight of her crown doesn’t dull her sparkling personality.

Ever mindful of our duty, we have been scrutinising her Instagram feed very carefully… best of below. All copyright to the beautiful Miss Fung.


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