Bar Tales: Money Down the Drain

Champagne Supernova

As witnessed recently.

In a bar I frequent, a number of regular girls who reside on the floor make a tidy extra income convincing punters to buy them a drink. In this bar, the ladies get a decent slice of the money, around US$5 for every drink they get. Over the course of the evening, that can soon add up. Multiply¬†that by seven days and you can see why it’s such an attractive option.

No hassle with guys outside the bar, the only difficult situation arising when a guy assumes you’re there for a takeaway and you have to let him down gently. Not easy after he’s bought you six expensive drinks. Of course, some of the girlpatong-girlss combine a bit of drink-in with a little take-out every so often, with the drink-in helping to keep things ticking over when there’s a dry spell.

Occasionally though the girls can land a big fish who opens up his wallet and buys a bottle, giving the girls a nice $50 payday.

On the evening in question I was sat quietly at the end of the bar taking in the view and downing a cold one. A little further down the bar was a gent with two attentive girls surrounding him. They were sharing a bottle of champagne… Moet in this instance, which had set him back around $160.

After a while the gent wandered off to the toilet to relieve himself. When he was out of sight, both girls leant over the bar and poured their expensive champagne down the washing up sink. As I looked¬†at them in amazement they explained the they didn’t care much for champagne and didn’t feel like getting drunk that night.

Back Mr Champagne came and unwittingly filled their glasses again. Anyway, 20 minutes later, assumably having started the evening with a few too many beers, off he goes to the toilet again and the girls dispose of the unwanted bubbly again.

Happy that his company is being enjoyed so much, as well as his classy taste in champagne, our eager warrior orders another bottle. Much to the delight of our two friends.

Nice work, girls.


Photo Credits – Yi Wang,

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