Hot Drug Smugglers

Surely these two have to be the hottest drug smugglers ever!?

Canadian duo Melina Roberge and Isabella Legace hit the headlines this week after getting caught with a more-than-recreational stash of 95kg of cocaine in their luggage.

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The hotties were travelling on a luxury cruise from their home country to Australia, stopping at a host of exotic locations along the way, including Bermuda, French Polynesia and urm… South America.

On arrival in Aus, Melina, Isabella and their considerably older travelling companion were met by customs officers eager to look inside their luggage. Instead of painstakingly examining the girls lingerie as Aussie customs officers might normally do, the lads seemed to be incredibly clued up and knew exactly what they were looking for.

The girls are now in clink awaiting trial and sadly for them, a lengthy prison sentence, although one suspects that will both be putting the guy arrested with them squarely in the frame.

Media interest around the pair is intense. Mainly because….

They are hot.

They documented their cruise on Instagram with generous bikini shots.

Did we mention they are hot?

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 17.27.22Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 17.53.37



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