Fu Yuanhui v Guo Jingjing

It’s the Chinese Olympic superstar face-off. Past vs Present.

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So, a number of athletes from the Chinese Olympic team are currently in Hong Kong on a charm offensive after their so-so performance in Rio. Strangely co-inciding with upcoming local elections, the team have apparently received a “rapturous reception” with local politicos like Carrie Lam doing her best kiss-assing to the Chinese overlords.

Goofy bronze medalist Fu Yuanhui is stealing all the attention with her cute self-deprecating sense of humour. Hopefully the fun of being in the Big Lychee will not be dampened by being on her period. Having captured the hearts of the internet with her behaviour, Fu is now having to cope with the media attention following her forthright and charming interviews.

In the past, China has only sent (on invitation from HK!) gold medalists to the city but this year a bigger contingent has arrived, maybe to accomodate the likes of Fu.

he_ziSadly. our now retired favourite, Guo Jingjing will not be with the delegation. Now there was an athlete worth braving the mainland/rent-a-crowd mobs in TST for.

Above is a little slideshow comparing the two. To be fair to Fu though, she hasn’t had the time to get the full monty makeover that Guo did prior to marrying (unsurprisingly) some mega rich HK dude.

Sad side note: Current Chinese diving hottie, He Zi (right) doesn’t appear to have made the trip to Hong Kong. The heir-apparent to Guo’s superstardom is obviously still enjoying her recent engagement.

Let’s hope that she remains in the public spotlight and that being loved-up doesn’t stop her from posting her consistently cute photos.



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