Hooters in Hong Kong!

So it’s officially open. Hooters Hong Kong opened it’s doors yesterday, the first of a supposed 5 locations in the city. But what about the location? It’s on Wyndham Street, just above Lan Kwai Fong.

If you’ve ever been to Wyndham St of an evening you’ll know that the clientele is largely a well-healed local and expat crowd with a high proportion of females. The champagne-sipping set along that street will not be flocking to Hooters, that’s for sure.

So where should the branch of this famous institution be? Well, the obvious place is Wan Chai, and with the recent demise of the long term revered bar, Delaneys, Hooters had an opportunity to seize a landmark location in the hub of HK nightlife.

However, Taboo took the initiative and appears to be doing very well thank you. As for Hooters, they say that Wan Chai was never an option as they are trying to promote their bar as a family-friendly venue.


The local press is getting in on the act and giving them a good bashing, with one local would-be recruit, Scarlet quoted:

“When I went for the uniform fitting they said I’m the only girl with boobs. They want to hire locals, but most local girls are really skinny,” 

“They said, ‘This is the largest size’ – I think that was true. But it’s crazy that the largest size is extra small. My boobs were exploding and my ass was half showing out,” said Scarlet.

That’s the point, Scarlet!

Anyway, Nights in Asia will be looking to investigate more in the next few weeks. One thing you can be sure of, the term “bar fine” will not be in use!

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